ANZATA Committees

From left to right: Jo Kelly, Amanda Levey, Pearlyn Lee (in front), Kirsten Meyer, San Leenstra,
Adrian Lania, Janet McLeod, Jen Jamieson.

2016 ANZATA Committee

President: Jo Kelly (NSW) – email Jo
Vice-President: Adrian Lania (NSW) – email Adrian
Secretary: Amanda Levey (NZ) – email Amanda  
Treasurer: Janet McLeod (NZ) – email Janet

Committee members: 
Pearlyn Lee (Sing) – email Pearlyn
Kirsten Meyer (VIC) – email Kirsten
San Leenstra (VIC) – email San
Jennifer Jamieson (WA) – email Jen

2016 ANZATA Sub-committees

If you would like to join one of the sub-committees where there are still places available, please email the ANZATA secretary to have your name added and forwarded to the sub-committee chair, who will contact you about what is involved.

Please note: For any sub-committee communication please email the sub-committee chair who will consult with the rest of the sub-committee regarding your communication.

1. Approval of Training Courses

To review any applications for approval of proposed courses.
Chair: Jo Kelly email Jo

2. Member Registration  

To view and ratify any applications for professional registration, including those received under the new categories of membership.
Chair: Adrian Lania email Adrian

3. Regional Groups

Follow criteria for establishing Regional Groups (click here for more info about Regional Groups)
Chair: San Leenstra email San  

4. Current Conference/Symposium Organising Committee

That the current policy on running conferences be followed.
Chair: Amanda Levey email Amanda

5. Professional Recognition (Australia)

To liaise with other arts therapy organisations to promote cooperation and dialogue. To act in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding with ACATA. To review any applications for the PR grant.
Chair: San Leenstra email San 

6. Professional Recognition (New Zealand)

To continue to act in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding with CTAA to work towards the national registration of the profession in NZ. To review any applications for the PR grant.
Chair: Janet McLeod email Janet  

7. Professional Recognition (Singapore)

To develop ANZATA's professional identity in Singapore and create links with the local association. 
To review any applications for the PR grant.
Chair:  Pearlyn Lee email Pearlyn

8. Website

Assist website manager with new initiatives ie forum and collate topics, abstracts and short articles to be posted for easy access.
Chair: Janet McLeod email Janet  

9. Research

To liaise with the editors of the journal to assist with producing a journal of high standard.
Chair: Kirsten Meyer email Kirsten

10. Education

Continue promoting art/s therapy into schools – Feedback from regional groups.
Chair: Adrian Lania email Adrian

11. Ethics

As required.
Chair: San Leenstra email San 

12. Continuing Professional Development

5% of membership to be audited. Twelve members to be signed and sited.
Chair: Janet McLeod email Janet  

13. Student Support / Initiatives / Development

Chair: Amanda Levey email Amanda

14. Other Professional Body Relations         

Chair: Amanda Levey email Amanda

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