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Regional Group in Singapore
Contact: Pearlyn Lee
The Singapore Regional Group is a new initiative started to connect arts therapists in Singapore. Our shared vision is to build and belong to a supportive and trustworthy network of colleagues, a community where we can find support and inspiration to grow in our personal and profession well-being. Our main focus will be on the practice of art therapy and bringing those benefits into awareness and recognition.

Malaysia Regional Group
Contact: Viviana Ming Ni
The Malaysia Regional Group was established in 2016 to:
- Promote Art Therapy through providing workshops, talks, etc.
- Educate Malaysia society to understand more about Art Therapy ethics and practices.
- Set up standard regulations in Malaysia according to the code of ethics from ANZATA.
- Offering professional Art Therapy services to the public.
- Recognition of Art Therapists as a profession within Malaysia government and private sectors.
- Building and connecting international network in the field of mental health professions.
- Providing peer supports, supervision and CPD for ANZATA members who is living in Malaysia.
- Encourage professional Art Therapists to do research and publications in order to develop Art Therapy in Malaysia.
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