Regional Groups in Asia

Singapore Regional Group
Contact: Pearlyn Lee
The Singapore Regional Group is a new initiative started to connect arts therapists in Singapore. Our shared vision is to build and belong to a supportive and trustworthy network of colleagues, a community where we can find support and inspiration to grow in our personal and profession well-being. Our main focus will be on the practice of art therapy and bringing those benefits into awareness and recognition.
Hong Kong Regional Group
Contact: TO Chun Ngar, Joanna
The Hong Kong Regional Group is established to connect arts therapist in Hong Kong who registered with ANZATA. The Group aims at cultivating public awareness on the utility of arts therapy in the promotion of holistic health besides prevention of illness. Objectives of the Group include providing peer support and supervision for members; facilitating professional recognition of arts therapists by the Hong Kong Government; establishing standard of practice according to code of ethics from ANZATA; and support research projects for the benefit of arts therapy development in Hong Kong.
Malaysia Regional Group
Contact: Saw Kooi Bee
The Malaysia Regional Group was established in 2016 to:
- Promote Art Therapy through providing workshops, talks, etc.
- Educate Malaysia society to understand more about Art Therapy ethics and practices.
- Set up standard regulations in Malaysia according to the code of ethics from ANZATA.
- Offering professional Art Therapy services to the public.
- Recognition of Art Therapists as a profession within Malaysia government and private sectors.
- Building and connecting international network in the field of mental health professions.
- Providing peer supports, supervision and CPD for ANZATA members who is living in Malaysia.
- Encourage professional Art Therapists to do research and publications in order to develop Art Therapy in Malaysia.
Indonesia Regional Group
Contact: Ardhana Riswarie
Indonesia Regional Group is established to connect art therapists practicing in Indonesia, which still centers between Jakarta and Bandung. It also aims to protect the profession and promote a safe and professional practice of art therapy based on ANZATA code of ethics. The RG supports the effort of educating Indonesian public of what art therapy is and how it can be beneficial for individuals, groups, and bigger communities. Furthermore, continue developing high standard practices and contribute to the international art therapy community, we hope to encourage member art therapists in Indonesia to conduct research and disseminate their findings in nationally and internationally acclaimed events and publications.
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