Convergence: Cohesion in diversity

This is the inaugural creative arts therapies conference and convocation hosted by ANZACATA, the new peak professional body for the creative arts therapies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
It will be held from Friday 7 December to Monday 10 December 2018 in Perth.

This conference is a significant marker in the growth and maturity of the creative arts profession in the Australian and Asia/Pacific region. It will bring together arts therapy professionals and those from related disciplines to explore and expand on new horizons in practice and research.

As part of the activities of the conference we will hold a session of multiple ‘convocations’ which we hope will seed the start of our new member-led special interest college system. The first postgraduate art therapy and dramatherapy training in Australia started in Perth at Edith Cowan University. These courses were sadly discontinued some years ago, however, there is now a re-vitalisation of the profession in the city including Murdoch University’s new Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapies.

The association of ANZACATA, the new peak body for the creative arts therapies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, creates a structure in which creative arts therapists from many backgrounds and trainings can find a home. This conference marks ANZACATA’s official launch after many years of collaboration and planning. The realisation of this shared vision is cause for great celebration and it is fitting that we return to Western Australia for this event.

The Call for Proposals is now open...

We hope that our theme, Convergence: Cohesion in diversity, will give you inspiration for your proposals. Please note that because of the growing interest in arts and well-being we expect that many non-arts therapists will attend the conference, so please be mindful that this is a chance to show-case your work to other professions as well as to fellow arts therapists.

workshops and presentations
There will be varying timeslots for workshops and presentations. We are calling for proposals which represent the work and research of arts therapists in keeping with our theme. This can be based on clinical practice, current issues in the creative arts therapies, as well as interactive and experiential activities that enhance creativity. Facilitators and presenters can decide how to balance the time within their session for theoretical and experiential learning. Please indicate if you prefer a 30, 60 or 90 minute time slot.

We intend to ‘seed’ the proposed member-led college structure of ANZACATA at this conference. A college can be based on region, creative modality, or special interest. If you have an interest in a particular idea for a ‘college’ you may want to volunteer yourself to facilitate a group to discuss how that college might be established and how it might operate. You can find a diagram of the proposed college structure on page 10 of this call for proposals.

creative activities
We are also interested in proposals for open studio creative activities. To gauge interest in the idea of having a concurrent ‘festival’ of creativity for well-being, we are calling for proposals for innovative and engaging ‘drop-in’ creative participatory activities that are suitable for arts therapists and the general public of all ages.

CLICK HERE to download the Call for Proposals pdf

Please note that this is an e-form. You will need to download it and open it in Acrobat Reader. Complete the form and then do a save as ensuring that you have put your name in the file name. 
Scanned handwritten forms will NOT be accepted.

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