Volume 9, Number 1 (2014) – Abstracts


Taking a closer look: A review of ANZJAT publications 2006-2011
Nadia Balatti and Dr Patricia Fenner
Keywords: Arts therapy, research, professional identity
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Enlarging the therapeutic space: Using focus groups to determine the wider impact of digital storytelling by women who live with HIV
Dr Alan Young and Dr Bronwen Gray
Keywords: Focus groups, human rights, women with HIV, digital storytelling,
arts-based qualitative research
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Finding time: An online art therapy group
Justine Wake
Keywords: Art therapist, online, art therapy group, art therapy, parenting role, group therapy,
self-awareness, time
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Flames on water: Mourning through a creative ritual in the Great Sandy Desert
Susan Begg
Keywords: Location, ritual, effigy, Viking boat, connection, grief and loss
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A Reflection – Presentations that look and feel like the arts in therapy: Keeping creative
tension with psychology
Professor Shaun McNiff
Keywords: Arts-based research, artistic enquiry, publication, arts-led practice, presentation, Australia and New Zealand, arts therapy and psychology
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Following the tracings of The Red Pencil
Laurence Vandenborre interviewed by Amanda Levey
Keywords: Art therapy, disaster relief, The Red Pencil, Singapore, Red Cross
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Interviews with Cassie Sim and Richard Huber about their play, Fluids, Bodily: When the script fragments and instinct guide the way
Interviewed by Yesim Sokmen
Keywords: Dramatherapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), abuse, sexual abuse, trauma
arts therapy
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Theatrum mundi: Conversations with Adrian Lania
Interviewed by Toril Pursell
Keywords: Dramatherapy, Poland, Australia, Grotowski, theatre, playspace
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Take my five loaves and two fishes A creative contribution
by Joanna Tan Chen Yin
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Vibrant visions: A multi-modal workshop demonstrating the healing power of art, drumming 
and dance
A creative contribution by Maralyn Nash, with Sibo Bangoura and Yacou Mbaye
Keywords: Therapeutic art-making, cross-cultural art therapy, collaboration, 
communal healing experience
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  • Julia Pasifull, Red moon

  • Nona Cameron, Matchbox moments

  • Marilyn Mooree, The emerging donkey and the reality principle

  • Simone Clare, Movement

  • Jan Newell, Resurrection quilt

  • Chen Ying Ying, Earthquake of soul

  • Mariana Torkington, Rebirth

  • Nanette Lela'ulu, Condemned

  • Michael Leunig, A Picture of Innocence

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