Volume 4, Number 1 (2009) – Abstracts

Becoming ‘otherwise’: A story of a collaborative and narrative approach to art therapy with indigenous kids ‘in care’
Sheridan Linnell
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Positive psychology and art therapy
Gioia Chilton and Rebecca A Wilkinson
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From self-harm to creation: A young woman’s journey through art therapy
Suraya Langston
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The rhythms of loss and remembrance
Morgan Libeau
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British Australian: Art therapy, white racial identity and racism in Australia
Megan Holloway
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A brief report of art therapy in an inpatient mental health unit: Consumer feedback and experience
Scott Lamont, Dianne Sutton and Scott Brunero
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  • Julia Pasifull, Red moon

  • Nona Cameron, Matchbox moments

  • Marilyn Mooree, The emerging donkey and the reality principle

  • Simone Clare, Movement

  • Jan Newell, Resurrection quilt

  • Chen Ying Ying, Earthquake of soul

  • Mariana Torkington, Rebirth

  • Nanette Lela'ulu, Condemned

  • Michael Leunig, A Picture of Innocence

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