The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy (ANZJAT) is a peer-reviewed annual publication of the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association.

The journal provides a lively forum for academic research and practice-based papers with a focus on reflexivity and innovation in the field. It sets out to offer a useful resource of professionals and trainees, and to contribute to broader knowledge and understanding of the arts therapies. ANZJAT creates opportunities and encouragement for new and established authors within Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and internationally to publish their work. The journal promotes a diversity of modalities, philosophical orientations, voices and genres. 

The journal publishes full-length papers on selected themes and original research; shorter papers – brief practice-based papers, case studies and discussion papers; interviews with contributors to the field of the arts therapy; reviews of books, videos, performances and exhibitions; and creative contributions such as creative writing, poetry, artworks, photo essays, illustrated stories, cartoons and documentation of performance works.

The current edition is ANZJAT Volume 12, Number 1

This edition was launched at the Conference in Melbourne.

We are currently working on Volume 13, Number 1, the inaugural conference edition which will be published online. We hope to have this published in early September. 

Our deadline for submissions of papers and case studies closed on 1 May for Volume 13, Number 2. We are currently accepting still accepting reviews, interviews and creative contributions for this edition. This edition will be printed and will be launched at the Perth ANZATCATA Conference in December. 

The ANZJAT team

Associate Professor Sheridan Linnell – Chief-Editor
Dr Stacey Bush – Co-Editor
Dr Catherine Camden-Pratt – Co-Editor
Dr Deborah Green – Co-Editor
Vic Segedin – Editorial assistant, Arts Editor, journal coordinator and graphic designer
Belinda Nemec – Copy editor and proofreader
Rigel Sorzano – Copy editor and proofreader

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Becoming a peer reviewer for ANZJAT

ANZATA encourages professional members to participate in the reviewing process. Without it, the journal would not be produced to the high quality it has attained. ANZATA supports reviewers to claim CPD points, in recognition that reviewing arts therapy manuscripts develops that reviewer’s relevant professional skills, as well as contributing to the arts therapy profession.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer, please email the journal coordinator.

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  • Volume 13, Number 2, 2018

    Submission Deadline – 1 May

  • Julia Pasifull, Red moon

  • Nona Cameron, Matchbox moments

  • Marilyn Mooree, The emerging donkey and the reality principle

  • Simone Clare, Movement

  • Jan Newell, Resurrection quilt

  • Chen Ying Ying, Earthquake of soul

  • Mariana Torkington, Rebirth

  • Nanette Lela'ulu, Condemned

  • Michael Leunig, A Picture of Innocence

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